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At Bramley Cluster we offer a wide range of Adult Learning and Parenting Courses.

We use a variety of ways to support you and your family, including 1-1 parenting courses, group work, zoom courses and self-led online sessions.

We hope we have something for everyone. If any of the courses below interest you please just fill in the form attached and one of our team will be in touch to help.

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Our Courses

Parental Conflict Programme

This flexible course will look at your personal conflict styles, and support you to learn restorative approaches and how to use these within your family to resolve issues more effectively.

The sessions will include realistic, honest, and informative ways towards understanding parent conflict. Covering areas such as understanding conflict, how it makes people feel, child’s points of view and effective communication. These sessions will be engaging with useful resources for you to take away. Sessions will include a break, where you have the opportunity to speak to staff.


Our Parental Conflict programme runs for 4 weeks face to face and is supported by Linda and Amy.

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Triple P - Positive Parenting Programme

We offer two versions of this programme 0-12 and Teen. Triple P is designed to help support you positive parenting skills and strategies to help make a difference to your child's development and wellbeing. 

As you complete the learning in bitesize chunks online it can fit around yours and your families busy lives. Our team is also on hand to help at any point.

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HENRY 0-5 and 5+ Programmes

HENRY is an innovative charity that works in partnership with UK families to give babies and children aged 0-12 years the best possible start in life.
Their work supports improved nutrition, as well as the emotional and physical wellbeing of the whole family, and wider child development.
HENRY works with 40 Local Authorities and our Family Support Workers are HENRY trained, delivering local healthy start services and an evidence-based group programme for parents.


Communication Workshop

This 'Creative Communication' workshop aims to give you a brief understanding of the development of communication; discuss some reasons why communication may be delayed; and offer suggestions to support children’s communication.
The workshop is suitable for parents and carers of children up to the age of 2 years, pre- and post-birth and will be delivered flexibly by our Family Support Workers via telephone or video call.

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Incredible Years - Toddler Programme

Join us for the Incredible Years Toddler programme! The course runs for 12 weeks.


This course is for parents with toddlers aged 1 to 3 years. 


The programme is to support parents to learn how to:

  • Help their toddlers feel loved and secure.

  • Encourage their toddler's language, social, and emotional development.

  • Establish clear and predictable routines.

  • Handle separations and reunions.

  • Use positive discipline to manage misbehaviour.

If you think this could be for you, please book a place.

Parenting Support: Programs
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