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Bramley Cluster - Children and Family Services

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Ways We Help

We work in partnership with nurseries, schools and all local agencies within the Bramley area to support children and families.

Family Support

From time to time, family life can be challenging and issues occur that can impact negatively on how families cope with day to day living. The Family Support Team works with families, building on their strengths to make changes for themselves and to prevent issues escalating.
The Family Support Team is made-up of skilled and experienced practitioners working in a variety of ways to suit the needs of each individual family.
A Family Support Worker will work with the family to identify their strengths and needs by undertaking an Early Help Assessment with the family. This may lead to an Early Help Plan involving a range of agencies. The Cluster team will make sure that the plan is co-ordinated so that communication is clear and the package of support is what the family wants and needs.  
The Cluster accepts requests for support from schools, local agencies and parent/carers through self-referrals. We also offer two telephone drop in sessions per week where we can signpost any support available to you or accept a referral into our service.

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Social Emotional and Mental Health Support

Social emotional mental health (SEMH) difficulties is an overarching term for those who demonstrate difficulties with emotional regulation, social interaction and/or experience mental health problems. 

Social and emotional wellbeing creates the foundations for healthy behaviours and educational attainment. It helps prevent behavioural problems and mental health problems.  

The purpose of this work is to promote:

  • emotional wellbeing – being happy and confident and not anxious or depressed

  • psychological wellbeing – the ability to be autonomous, problem-solve, manage emotions, experience empathy, be resilient and attentive

  • social wellbeing – having good relationships with others and no behavioural problems (i.e. not disruptive, violent or a bully). 

Bramley Cluster has specialist practitioners to support children, young people and families to overcome these difficulties to enable them to achieve a healthy emotional and mental well-being. Some of the details of the support we offer are below. Referrals to these services can be made through the child/young person's school. 

Parenting Courses and Adult Learning

At Bramley Cluster - Children and Family Services, we are dedicated to supporting our parents and carers in any way we can. We have a wide range of courses and support available which is free to access for our families. Our courses can be ran as a group or delivered one to one whichever you prefer.

Please see the Parenting Support Section of our website for more information or get in touch with the team.

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